OZORA Festival – One Day In Goa (2013)

The O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2012 official movie premiere was at a mind-blowing party in Goa, Anjuna @ Shiva Valley: there were more than five thousand trancers at the beach.
It had already become apparent at last year’s party that it’s worth moving O.Z.O.R.A. to India for a day. This year’s party, however, has surpassed all our expectations. The atmosphere was not only sizzling because of the heat – the artists also gave their all.

Just for the record: Shpongle, Earthling, Wegha, Rowan, Ajja, Giuseppe Parvati, Starling, Nigel. We listened to the brand-new Ajja-Cosmosis live act combo with especially great joy! There was a great visual experience also — many thanx for Trixx Deco, Sami Alienvision, Souldust and Pumpui.

And the party special: loads of artists, shopkeepers were grateful for finally being able to party themselves, because when at Ozora, they are also working hard for us all. The honour is ours — that they could party together with us!

soundtrack: Audioform – Modulate Reality
camera: Nagy Júlia, Nikléczy Attila, Németh Tibor, Raf Reyntjens
editing: Szabó Dániel, Sarkadi András, Nikléczy Attila


Ozora – Goa – Israel – Amsterdam – Ozora,
O.Z.O.R.A. on the one day move across the globe.

Our dear festival is on the move, we spent some lovely time in Goa, India, had a spectacular party on the seaside in trancers’ paradise on the way towards our homeland Ozora. We will stop by for a heart warming party in another sacred land of trance, Israel, Tel Aviv and going on from there we can meetup with fellow trancers again in Amsterdam, Holland for a warmup before opening the gates to our Paradise in August!

One Day In Amsterdam

One Day In Israel