OZORA Festival 2008 (Official Video by SiddhArt)

The Spirit of Ozora by SiddhArtstudio (2008)

« Those messages come all the time. We just have to keep our hearts open to receive them. »

Cinematography: Zoltán Mezei
Creative assistants: Cimi Starchild, Adam Beke
Edited by: Kata Tenke
Music edited by: Hosszu, Gobbo
Visual: Siddhart
Deco: Levi
Graphic design: Levi, Kattabo

Luana and Tao
Star Sound Orchestra
DJane Era
Juno Reactor

Original music and performances by:
Luana and Tao
Norbi Pável

-= MUSIC =-

Star Sound Orchestra : Buenos Dances (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)
Allaby: Aurorae (Neurobiotic Records)
Decoy: Krosey (DJane Era Drumsdontstop edit)
Entheoghenic: Ground Luminosity (OTT’s New Yoghurt Loom Mix) Chillcode Music
Juno Reactor: Navras (Metropolis) Conga Fury (Blue Room Released)
Atmos: Transmission in Vain (Spiral Trax)
Aurafood: Fractal Joy (Aurafood Records)