Montreux Jazz Café Trailer

© 2013 Montreux Jazz International

Montreux Jazz Festival has been created by Claude Nobs in 1967. It has reached a unique position in the world of music thanks to this longevity and mainly to its founder’s approach of music based on conviviality and passion. Since the very beginning, Claude Nobs has always been inviting artists to his place to share a good meal before and after concerts. This unique mix of music and feelings has given him a very privileged place into artists’ hearts, as if he was one ot them.

That is why Quincy Jones and Claude Nobs had the idea of Montreux Jazz Café. It has been created in Montreux during the Festival almost twenty years ago as a club with a restaurant. This concept still exists : 16 days a year, newcomers and jam sessions meet on stage, while part of the audience is eating on the first level.

Montreux Jazz Café franchise developps this idea of a place allowing to enter Montreux Jazz Festival universe and behind it more generally to experiment a muscial journey through it. This experience takes place in a smoothly designed location where fine food can be enjoyed, while exclusive archives from the Festival can be watched.