Une réponse à “Encore des noms à Dour”

  1. The System, the System, the System.Lindy Ruff’s style of puck/board control hokecy is a big part of the malaise in the stands. Wins are not so flashy nor are they so dashy as they were in the years 05-07. It leads to wins, but can also lead to boring hokecy (and Vanek scoring under 30 goals for the first time in his career but hasn’t his back checking been nice).There is a fever amongst the fan base if you want to find its roar though, you gotta hit the road, and attend games in Tampa, Atlanta, or Columbus. Those displaced fans haven’t had to sit through these wins through attrition. They just see the win column.And go nuts.Fans in Buffalo will catch up come playoff time, and the rust is cracked off the axles of the band wagon.

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