Angus Stone « Clouds Above » – India Sweet India

voici une vidéo faite maison par Angus Stone pour le titre « Clouds above ».extrait du nouvel album Broken Brights disponible le 6 novembre.I was living with a family in the hills in the South of India and I brought my camera along and filmed my stay. The one thing I spent most energy on was sitting by the hornets nest for hours with my camera just waiting for them to hatch. When i think back i was very much coming to life again through my journey to india just as the hornet was seeing the world for the first time in this clip for clouds above.Angus Stone en tournée. Info / réservation album disponibleiTunes: standard : MUNDI d’infos sur Angus Stone:http://www.angusstone.com : DiscographTags : Inde オーストラリア Angus Stone Angus et Julia Stone Big Jet Plane Australie broken brights bird buffalo clouds above Envoyé : 24 octobre 2012Note :0.0Votes :0