The Human League – Sky (Fusty Delights remix)

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The Human League – Sky (Fusty Delights remix)

When you think of The Human League, one of the first things that will come into your mind is electro pop and these guys are the godfathers of the scene. With a career spanning over 30 years; featuring four Top 10 albums and eight Top 10 singles in the UK as well as two US Number 1 singles and sold 20 million records worldwide, the group aren't short of success. This is not a surprise for a group who were famously described by David Bowie in 1979 as "the sound of the future", and indeed they were once called The Future. Even today the accolade still keeps pouring in, from the new generation of synth-driven pop artists such as La Roux and Little Boots, to international megastar and pop artist of the moment Lady Gaga.

After finishing a successful tour across Europe and a number of festivals dates scheduled for this summer, the Human League will return with a fantastic new a single called 'Sky'. The track is taken from their 9th studio album 'Credo', the group's first record in 10 years. Sky' paints a picture every bit as evocative as your favourite acoustic troubadour and shows what a great songwriter lead vocalist Philip Oakey is. The single is out on 25th July and will feature mixes from Plastic Plates, The Hacker, Fusty Delights, Marsheaux and Martin Brodin.

Also on the same day a limited double vinyl LP of The Human League – Credo will be released.

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