Punks Jump Up « Blockhead »

Directed by Mustashrik, PartizanMotion Graphics and Designs by Ross McDowell & James MayBlockhead Mask Design by Michael WillisAnimations by Mustashrik with contributions from Anne Wilkins & Emily HowellsEdited by Katherine Holley & MustashrikBuy now « Blockhead » new single on Kitsune : http://bit.ly/ephZNNwww.kitsune.frwww.myspace.com/maisonkitsunewww.facebook.com/maisonkitsunetwitter.com/maison_kitsuneAuteur : MaisonKitsuneTags : punks jump blockhead kitsune kitsuné gildas masaya maison fireworks issue Envoyé : 27 janvier 2011Note :5.0Votes :2