Patrice – Nothing Better FanMix

While having goodtimes with friends and mingling with the fans on the ONE-Tour, Patrice gave a whole new meaning to the lyrics of Nothing Better : It’s now all about Friendship.This is also what the FanMix stands for.It is about people from all over the world, singing together and sharing the same love and vibes in ONE videoclip.All of them wanted to represent Patrice and be part of this expression of Oneness… They perfectly did.Albin, Abdelhalim , Amélie, Anne, Kool Kris, CJ, Gaby, Solène, Benjamin, Emilie, Esra, Cybill, Justine, ‘Gela’, Camille, Dorine, Eline, Coralie, Jérémie, Hanika, Nadjmou, Houzaïra, Jérome, Jessica, Lulu, Lucie, Louise, Maëva, Anaïs, Célestine, Marie, Sarah, Léa, Leslie, Elsa, Manuel, Marine, Muriel, Noëmie, Pauline, Régis, Lolita, Sorhaya, Sirine, Tahnee, Timothée, Victoria, Yasmina, Yuna, Chloé :You are golden.Thank you. We LOVE it.ONE!Auteur : Patrice-OfficialTags : Patrice ONE Nothing Better FanMix Sunshine Soulstorm Patrice bart-williams video clip Supow Envoyé : 27 avril 2011Note :5.0Votes :2