IConcerts – Public Enemy – Give It Up (live)

iConcerts – Public Enemy – Revolution Tourhttp://www3.iconcerts.com/en/content/public-enemy-revolution-tourNew York-based Public Enemy established itself as the world’s foremost rap group in the late Eighties, a position it has maintained ever since. The group has always courted controversy on account of its militant stance and the uncompromising content of many of its songs. These vivid sketches of ghetto life in the mean streets of New York are perceptive, poetic and striking social documents. Public Enemy’s spectacular and epic live performances over the years are legendary. This concert set comprises almost two hours of live footage filmed at a concert the group gave in Manchester / UK.. It was a truly blistering set which featured highlights from the group’s impressive repertoire and includes virtually every one of their hits, including ‘Give It Up’, ‘911 Is A Joke’ and ‘Can t Truss It’.Auteur : iConcertsTags : public enemy public enemy live give it up give it up live bring the noise he got game harder than you think fight the power lyrics remix Envoyé : 21 mai 2012Note :5.0Votes :1