JAMAICA – I Think I Like U2

PRECOMMANDEZ DES PACKS EXCLUSIFS ET LIMITES DE L’ALBUM ! C’est ici : http://www.cooperative-music-france.com/wordpress/The smart, slick and sassy hooksome rock duo formerly known as Poney Poney, come back under the name of JAMAICA. JAMAICA’s first album is produced by Xavier de Rosnay and Peter Franco.Watch the video for their first single « I Think I Like U2 » directed by So Me and Machine Molle below:STEP 1: CHOOSE A NAMEWhen French born Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet decided to start a band, they spent many hours trying to think of the name that they would forever be remembered by.STEP 2: WRITE SONGSThey took three weeks to write songs that focused not only on sleek melodies, but also on rousing guitar riffs and dry bass grooves. By scattering in piano chords or acoustic guitars as well as resurrecting the guitar solo, JAMAICA created a sound that is a meeting between a grungehead’s obsession and a rockers wet dream.STEP 3: RECORD THE SONGSBefore they could begin recording the album, JAMAICA had to find someone up to the challenge of producing their songs. Antoine and Flo looked through lists of Grammy Award winners and came up with two candidates: Peter J. Franco and Xavier de Rosnay. Both were available and agreed to work with the band on one condition: that no synthesizers would be involved.STEP 4: SHOOT A VIDEOWith its upbeat structure and cocky guitar chorus JAMAICA’s « I Think I Like U 2 » seemed an appropriate starting point for a first video and to present the storyline of the duo. Fortunately Antoine and Flo had a talented young video director among their friends by the name of So-Me. His brilliant idea was to structure the video relaying the band’s history from A to (fabricated) Z. The video follows the musicians from their modest beginnings and the formation of the band through JAMAICA becoming an overwhelming international success to their fall into psychedelic trips and eventually jailAuteur : Cooperative-MusicTags : jamaica think like Envoyé : 22 février 2010Note :4.2Votes :38